Worcester Greenstar 30i Combi Boiler
  • Wall mounting jig providing pre-plumbing and rear piping as standard
  • Highest hot water flow rate of the Greenstar combi wall mounted range
  • Interior space optimised for serviceability
  • Simple boiler control knobs with clear information display and one button commissioning mode
  • Engineer menus to optimise commissioning and support servicing
  • Plug & play optional Worcester controls available
  • Large siphon inside - eliminates risk of condensate pipe freezing*
  • Inbuilt keyless filling link provided as standard
  • Full range of Condensfit II™ horizontal and vertical flue options with optional plume management kit available

Worcester Greenstar 30i Combi Boiler

SKU: 7733600005
  • Suitable for all homes with one or two bathrooms, and hot water flow rates of 17.2 litres/min, this boiler is renowned for its ease of installation, advanced features and future-proof technology.

    Advanced features include the ability to range-rate the CH output to perfectly match the home's requirement.