Worcester 65KW GB162 Boiler
  • Can automatically modulate its output down to 30% or less in order to precisely match the demand for heat
  • Cascade outputs up to 800kW with tailor made frame kits to suit
  • Any combination of 1 to 8 boilers can be connected either in-line (TL) or back-to-back (TR)
  • Extremely compact space-saving cascades (400kW in just 1m²)
  • Cascaded boilers can be sequenced to come into and out of operation when required.
  • Ultra low NOx emission levels
  • GB162 80kW and 100kW models are registered on the Carbon Trust’s ECA scheme (Enhanced Capital Allowance)
  • Compatible with intelligent, modular Energy Management System controls and BMS interfaces
  • Intuitive user controls
  • Cascade kit includes: Mounting frames, support legs, main gas pipe, flow and return headers (reversible for either left or right orientation), low loss header, boiler connecting pipe work, full insulation

Worcester 65KW GB162 Boiler

SKU: 7746900822
  • This boiler has outputs of 50, 65, 80 and 100kW, with the ability to cascade up to 800kW as part of a multi-boiler 'cascade' system.

    Its compact dimensions make it especially suitable for installations where space is restricted, and, for larger heat demands, the GB162 can be easily combined in any combination of 2 to 8 boilers either in-line or back-to-back, using the Bosch cascade kits.