Rinnai Infinity HD50i

Rinnai Infinity HD50i



    The Rinnai HD50i is a 54.0kW wall mounted continuous flow water heater with a fully modulating burner and a gross efficiency of 83.0%.  The HD50i is designed to operate on natural gas (G20) with air intake and exhaust via a room sealed vertical or horizontal flue system.  The HD50i can safely deliver 756 litres per hour through a temperature rise of 500 C.  The heater can operate on incoming temperatures of up to 600 C therefore making it suitable for secondary return systems.


    The HD50i operates on a pressure range between 1.0bar and 10.0bar. The pressure range enables it to operate safely on either direct mains or boosted cold water pressure systems.


    Control of the HD50i is provided by an easy to use remote digital controller (supplied separately) which provides near mains pressure flow for as long as you need it, without the need for thermostatic mixer valves. Built-in frost protection is included as standard.

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