Combat Heaters

Combat Heaters

  •  Available for Natural Gas or LPG

     Over 91.5% Net Efficient

     Design Versatility from Room Sealed or Open Flued Installation

     Summer Air Circulation Provided by Remote Fan Operation

     Reliability from Automatic Ignition Burners with Remote Lockout and Reset

     Installation Flexibility with Choice of Wall or Roof Penetration

     Frees up Valuable Floor Space and Provides Flexibility with Shelf Mounted Installation Option

     Ease of Maintenance from Operation and Lockout Indicator Lights

     Durability from Aluminised Steel Tubular Heat Exchangers (Stainless Steel Option)

     Easy to Install, Maintain and Operate with Rear Flue Spigot

     Versatility from Several Air Handling Options

     Design Flexibility from Choice of Axial or Centrifugal Fans, as well as Units without Fans for Free Blowing and Ducted Installations